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Before politics and IT work, my first career was in motion picture production.  I bring roughly two decades of experience to help you produce the video which will capture the attention of your intended audience for your message, project, program and products.  To learn more, use this button above to access a form where you can book a call and lets talk.

Samples of past work:

African Fisheries Plundered

While International aid provides $9 billion of strings-attached money to African nations, piracy steals $23 billion each year in seafood while leaving the indigenous and artisinal fishing industry pulling empty nets from depleted fisheries.

Pick up the phone Joe

A call to action that voters sign a petition to President Biden to demand that his administration publish the Equal Rights Amendment, which was finally ratified in 2020:

Haitian Flag Day

An educational video released for Haitian Flag Day and used in multiple public schools in the United States and the Carribean:

Vote Fortuin, For Georgia, For Democracy

A campaign video edited to a campaign song, featured on the website for a statewide campaign:

They Don't Work for Us

the 60s version of an ad for a social media campaign; a 48s version of this same ad delivered ThruPlays for $0.03 and 100% views for $0.25, each, and landing page visits at $0.59 cost per click.  Campaign produced, end-to-end, inhouse with the ad spend managed by YMD Marketing

Stop Modhi's Genocide

An 8m40s documentary inter-cutting interviews with live action footage and historic stills to tell an important story.

What does Justice Ask of our Brothers?

A one hour talk show shot before a live audience, produced and edited by YMD Production Services.

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Samples of past work.

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