Campaign Foundations

Since 2006, I have done business as Campaign Foundations, offering application hosting, telephony, custom development and consulting services to Green candidates, Green Parties and the non profits working for a just and sustainable future.  To learn more about how I can support your next electoral or policy campaign, please schedule a call and lets talk. 

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YMD Hosting and Development

Since 2009 I have applied my IT skills honed in the political arena to the development and hosting of online assets to serve commercial concerns.  Twenty years ago, it was enough that a business had a 'broshure in the sky' website.  These days an online presence has become more than an online billboard, but has become a point of sale and essential to the process of capturing leads, cultivating relationships with prospects, closing sales, delivering services and supporting clients.  Please schedule a time when we might discuss your business model and what YMD can do to support your business' online strategy. 

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YMD Production Services

Before politics and IT work, my first career was in motion picture production.  I bring roughly two decades of experience to help you produce the video which will capture the attention of your intended audience for your message, project, program and products.  To learn more, book a call and lets talk.

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YMD Marketing

Getting your message right, getting it produced in a compelling way, getting it published and accessible; while all necessary, none of it is sufficent to getting your message delivered in the absence of the traffic and attention of your intended audience.  In today's competitive landscape, it is not enough to host an open house intended to pull in attention; you also have to push out your invitation that people check out what you have to offer.  We are prepared, as either done-with-you consultants or a done-for-you agency to leverage a variety of organic and paid marketing and advertising approaches to apply the necessary TLC to your business -- that is Traffic, Leads and ConversionsSchedule a call to discuss your marketing strategy and to explore how it is that YMD Partners can help you generate traffic and convert that traffic to leads, prospects, registrations, memberships, customers and repeat business.

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Campaign Foundations Consulting

I help green candidates plan, launch and conduct their first or next campaign for public office so they can frame the debate, win the support of voters and swear that oath 'to support and defend'.  Together we can debunk those myths that would relegate us to protest candidates who cannot get elected.  Our voices deserve a seat at the table.  At Campaign Foundations we believe that When We Fight, We Win

As a Political Consultant, I am prepared to bring 30+ years of electoral, legislative advocacy, community organizing and policy development experience as well as my production, development, hosting and marketing skills to support your campaign. Let me marshal this multi-disciplinary skill set to your success.  

I can only manage one or two campaigns each election cycle.  I cannot even consult with every candidate or campaign I speak with.  But if you are interested in knowing more about what I have to offer, please register for our next Readiness Challenge: Before you qualify -- Essential First Steps before your run for Public Office.  I offer these weekend long events four to eight times each year.  Please plan to join our next event. 

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